Testing Peers

What is quality?

August 01, 2021 Testing Peers Season 1 Episode 35
Testing Peers
What is quality?
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast.

This week the Peers are talking around the perennial topic of quality.

The Peers dive into what quality might mean, but in classic testers' style, we talk about the importance of context:

Quality is value to some person

Jerry Weinberg: Quality Software Management: Volume 1, Systems Thinking, 1992

The conversation moves onto talking about how we can even measure quality, be it via coverage, confidence, or other.

We also touch on Dan Ashby's definitions

Quality is defined as “correctness” and “goodness” in relation to stakeholder value. The system for causing quality is prevention and detection, and subsequent action. One performance standard is “zero known defects”, and others are “risk discovery” and “risk mitigation”. The measurement of quality is subjective, relative and personal, and therefore relates to confidence in perceived quality.


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